Sunday, October 20th


Max-height box jumps

Take 10 minutes to work up to a max height box jump


  • Focus on explosiveness; pull your knees as high as you can to help clear the edge of the box
  • If you’re stacking plates on top of a box, make sure they are stacked in a stable way
  • Pair up with 1 or 2 other people per box and take turns making attempts


For time (15 min cap):

200m run

27 wall balls (20/14, 14/10, 10/6)

27 box jumps (24/20, 20/16, 16/12)

200m run

21 wall balls

21 box jumps

200m run

15 wall balls

15 box jumps

200m run

9 wall balls

9 box jumps


  • Intent: This is a sneaky high number of reps, so make a plan and stick to it. Aim to push the pace on the wall balls and box jumps, then use the run to recover.
  • Who can go unbroken through the wall balls? Give it a shot, or as few sets as possible. Swim your arms to save them.
  • For the box jumps, think about what it took to jump super high in the max height box jumps, and utilize those same components to optimize every rep. Don’t ignore your arms, they’re an important part of jumping.
  • Save your achilles and avoid rebounding unless your coach approves.