where you off to


where you off to

Tuesday August 6th

Strength: Halting Clean Grip Deadlifts (3 Stops) (6min)
Mid Shin, Above Knee, Power Position
Every 90 x 5 sets
4 Halting Clean Grip Deadlifts (70-80% of Clean)
*Athletes will not stand up all the way.. return to the floor after hitting power position

Metcon: 3×4:00 on/2:00 off (full send)
20 UB Russian KBS
Run 400 M
AMRAP Single KB Box Step Overs (hold anyhow)(except behind the head)

L1: American Swings, Black/Blue, 30/24
L2: Russian Swings, Blue/Red, 24/20
L3: Russian Swings, Red/Orange, 20/17
L4: 15 KBS, Stack Plates

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