Wednesday, September 4th


Wednesday, September 4th


Core Strength:

-2 rounds

-10 hollow hold to superman

-5 wall walks

Upside Down Stability:

3 rounds

14 Handstand plate step up/down (shoulder taps, shoulder taps from box)

4 Max freestanding handstand hold (8 kick-ups, partner assist, HS hold from box)


  • Alternate direction rolled on hollow hold to superman
  • On handstand plate step-up/down focus on hand position and pressing through shoulders
  • Get comfortable kicking upside down and finding alignment


11 min.

4 rounds (3 min/round)

Within 2:00:

-20′ HS walk (20’ HS walk, HS walk to wall, 20’ “plate” drag, 2 wall walks)

-100m run

-AMRAP power snatch in time remaining (75/55, 55/45, 45/35, DB)

rest 1:00 after each round

Score is total power snatches accumulated over the four rounds


  • Intent: lightweight barbell cycling under fatigue
  • Pacing: Try to complete the first two movements within 60 seconds, leaving around a minute for power snatches each round.
  • Scaling: Athletes who are proficient in HS walking should perform the work as written, or at least attempt the walk for 30 seconds. For those who are just starting to get the feel of HS walking, have them start a few feet from the wall and walk toward it. Otherwise, athletes can do a “plate” drag (try using the round red cones upside-down) or 2 wall walks. The snatch weight should be light enough that athletes can perform big sets unbroken.
  • Score: Aim for 15-20 snatches per round.

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