Wednesday, September 25th


Wednesday, September 25th


“The Upside Down” Week 7

Kip Breakdown:

Spend 8  min working on efficient kip.

5 great reps to advance to the next skill

  • Proper sequence and hip drive right side up (coach led)
  • In HS find loaded kip position and check for proper alignment
  • Extend from loaded kip to headstand by opening hips (slow)
  • Extend from loaded kip to headstand by opening hips (fast)
  • Add in press AFTER hips have opened (single reps)
  • Reset and string reps together (<5)

HSPU complexIn remaining time get as far as possible

1 strict HSPU + 1  kipping HSPU

Add one rep each round

Rest as needed between rounds

*1st round 1 strict HSPU + 1 kipping, 2nd 2 strict HSPU + 2 kipping HSPU…


  • Don’t rush through the Kip breakdown. Work on efficient alignment and timing of you kip.
  • For the HSPU the intent is to feel the difference between the strict and the kipping HSPU and build volume. These should not feel the same! Scale distance with ab mats and load with by going from box (X DB press + X HSPU from box)


10 min amrap:
100m Run

12 back squats (135/95, 115/80, 95/65)

25 double unders  (DUs, 15 DU attempts, 25 DU attempts with rope in 1 hand)

9 S2O (same weight)


  • The goal for today should be to eliminate transition times. All movements should be unbroken.
  • Set yourself over the next movement and start within 2 deep breath every time
  • Squats can be from rack (if safe for space) or coach will demo how to load BS or change to FS

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