Wednesday, September 18th


Wednesday, September 18th


“the upside down” Week 6

Core Stability:

3 rounds

8 V-ups

8 HS flutter kicks (against wall)/ flutter kick in hollow hold (floor)


Spend remaining time going for PR in one of the following. Talk to coach about appropriate skill work for your goals.

  • Max HS walk along course
  • Max HS walk
  • Max freestanding HS hold
  • Best kick up to freestanding hold
  • Max pike to headstand
  • Max headstand hold


  • Both V-ups and flutter kicks are controlled. Brace core as single heel comes off wall and find balance for a second before pulling back to midline
  • The intent of the balance work is to find a stable position (at appropriate scale) and strive for your best effort. This is not a strength focus so avoid any pressing.


EMOM x 4:

10/7 cal row (10/7, 8/6)

5 HSPU (deficit HSPU, HSPU, pike pushups)

immediately into…

EMOM x 4:

10 burpees

5 toes-to-bar (T2B, hanging knee raises)


  • Intent: Put your gymnastics skills to the test after quick bursts of cardio
  • You won’t have a lot of time at the end of each minute, so choose a scale for each movement that allows you to keep moving

Accessory work:

Accumulate 2 minutes in L-sit


  • There are a number of options here: rings, rig, parallettes. Choose the best option for you.
  • Scale to knee-raises or even hollow rock holds

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