Wednesday, October 2nd


Wednesday, October 2nd


The Upside Down: Week 8
4 min Tabata

Hollow rocks/ hollow hold

Skill: Handstand Pops

Spend 7 min working on HS pops (3×5)

While waiting: practice HS kick-ups


6 min EMOM

Odd- 30 sec HS hold

Even- Max HS walk in 30 sec/ walk down wall/ walk around box

  • Try to stay in active hollow position for entire 20 sec
  • Handstand pops are a fun drill to practice control when kicking up
  • As you become stacked press strongly into ground and brace core
  • Try to challenge yourself on the HS walk. If you want a spotter trade with a friend at the 30 sec mark.

10 min AMRAP:
12m walking lunges (unweighted)

8 chest-to-bar pullups (C2B, pullups, ring rows)

12m walking lunge

14 russian KB swings (70/52, 50/35, 35/25)

12m walking lunge

8 strict HSPU (strict HSPU, kipping HSPU, 4 HS negatives, pike pushups)

12m walking lunge

14 russian KB swings


  • Find a scale that allows for unbroken sets on the gymnastics and KB elements.
  • Your coach can help you find a challenging scale and correct rep number for you
  • Once you finish a set, move straight into your walking lunges and recover your breathing in route to the next station.
  • This workout will flow to and from the rig with walking lunges to get between stations

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