Wednesday, October 16th


Wednesday, October 16th


Ring Muscle Ups

Transition drills


3×5 strict ring pull-ups

3×5 ring dips

5 strict MUs


  • Talk to your coach where you are on your MU journey
  • Find a scale or transition that helps you progress
  • Use the MU work as a guide, work on a pull, press, then a transition


7 rounds for time (12 min cap):

5 squat cleans (185/133, 155/103, 135/93, 95/65)

3 ring muscle ups (ring MU, bar MU, pullups/ring rows + dips)


  • Intent: We’re testing high-skill gymnastics under fatigue in this one. Aim for a round every 90 seconds, on average.
  • Don’t exceed 65-75% of your 1RM on the squat cleans. They will start to catch up with you quickly, so it’s really important to choose the right weight from the start. Singles are fine, but stay close to the bar. If it’s taking you longer than one minute to get through 5 reps, you’ve gone too heavy.
  • Find an appropriate scale for the ring MUs that challenges you. You should be able to do at least a couple rounds unbroken if you’re going to tackle all 21 ring MUs. Same goes for the various scales.
  • If you’re feeling beat up, or you’re planning to tackle 20.2 on Friday, consider scaling the squat cleans to a weight that won’t leave you sore for a couple days.

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