Wednesday, August 28


Wednesday, August 28


HS Work Week 3


Accumulate 2 min in HS hold (heels to wall, toes to wall, from box)

then 2×12’ floor slides (6’, bear crawl)


5 rounds (NFT 10 min  cap)

5 strict T2B (strict Knee raises, V-ups)

15’ HS walk (8’ HS walk along wall, 2 around the worlds on box)


● Use the HS hold to get loose and gauge comfort being upside down

● Floor slides focus on holding a hollow body position

● The strength should be for quality not for intensity


4 rounds (15 min cap):

– 20 wall balls (30/20, 20/14, 14/10)

– 10 HSPU

– 10 DB steps ups (50/35, 35/25, 25/15)


Intent: Whatever level you choose the focus is unbroken wall balls and HSPU. Use the HSPU skill work to figure out where you should be for the workout.

Scaling: Scale the wall balls and HSPUs for skill level, but step ups stay the same

Advanced 30 wall balls/15 HSPU

Intermediate as written

Scaled 10 wall balls/5 HSPU

Be careful not to over grip the DBs on the step-ups and exhaust lats/ shoulders

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