Wednesday, August 21st


Wednesday, August 21st

Skill: Control Upside Down (20 min)Progress through the various headstand positions to your ability. Show 5 reps of proficiency before moving on to next skill.

  • Hand and head placement in tripod for headstand
  • Upside down in Frog headstand- tuck and roll for bail
  • Frog to fully extended vertical in headstand
  • Pike to headstand with control and hands in tripod- Feet should tap the ground and not support weight
  • Pike to headstand with control and pause at midline
  • Pike to headstand with control, pause at midline, hands not in tripod but out in front and upside down
  • Pike to headstand with control, pause at midline, hand in triangle framing head (bearing little weight or support)

Intent: Advanced athletes may progress through the initial drills quickly and then spend more time controlling midline stability in a headstand. Intermediate and beginner athletes should progress until they cannot complete the drill with control and spend the remainder of the time working on that piece.

Metcon: 14 min AMRAP

-15 Thrusters (95/65, 75/55, 45/35)

-30 Double-Unders (DU, half DU-half SU, penguin taps)

-15 CTB Pull-Ups (CTB, pull-ups, ring rows)

-30 Double-Unders

Intent: Athletes on this workout should focus on pacing and fatigue management. All movements should be efficient, trying to hold perfect form as long as possible. May break up chest to bar and thrusters in 2-3 sets as needed to keep pace consistent. Limit rest times as much as possible. First 5 minutes steady, next 5 breathing hard, last 4 minutes all out effort.

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