Wednesday August 14th 2019


Wednesday August 14th 2019

Skill: HSPU & Control (week 1 of 8)


3×20 sec handstand hold (wall walk hold, plank hold)

2x 15 wall shifts- toes to wall (wall walk, in plank)

Strength: 3 rounds (not for time)

10 hollow rocks (0:20 hollow hold)

10 strict HSPU (1 ab mat, 2 ab mats, decline push-ups)

0:20 sec hollow hold on rig (accumulate time, hollow hold on ground)

Rest 1 min between rounds

Focus on building a strong foundation. Pay attention to hand position, pointed toes, and stacking. The work is not for time and should be focused on technique.

Metcon: 10 min AMRAP

-15 wall balls (20/14, 14/10, 10/6)

-15 American KB swings (52/35, 35/20, Russian KB)

– 15 sit-ups

Intent is to hold 70%-75% effort for as long as possible. Pick a set strategy (ie unbroken, 2 sets) and stick with it as long as possible. This WOD is mentally challenging!

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