War of the Wods


War of the Wods

With a partner!

With a Running Clock… (7:30—Black Jack)

Max Reps in 3-mins…

21 Thrusters

21 Burpees over the bar

Remaining Time… Max pullups

Max Reps in 2:30…

21 Thrusters

21 burpees over the bar

Remaining Time… Max knees up

Max Reps in 2:00…

21 Thrusters

21 burpees over the bar

Remaining Time… Max slam ball over shoulder (35 lbs)

L1: 135/95, HSPU in place of burpees, Remaining time 1.) Bar Muscle up, 2.) Chest to bar, 3.) Pullups

L2: 95/65, as written

L3: 75/55, as written

L4: DB Thrusters, Remaining Time: 1.) Max Ring Rows, 2.) Max Knee to 90, 3.) Max Ground to over the shoulder 20/15

(3-min Rest)

With a Running Clock… (8:00—Triple 7’s)

(8) 1-minute Rounds— 4/person—Trading Minutes

7 Deadlifts

7 Hang Cleans

7 S2OH

Remaining time: Double Unders

L1: 165/105, DU

L2: 95/65, DU or 3:1 for the DU Ratio

L3: 75/55, Singles, 3:1 for the DU Ration

L4: DB DL, DB Cleans, DB S2OH, Singles

(3-min Rest)

Within 6-mins… “SoDu Mode”

40cal Row

30 DB Snatches

Remaining Time Lunges..

L1: 50/35, Single DB OH Lunges

L2: 35/20, FR Lunge (Open Style)

L3: 20/15,  Farmer’s Carry Lunge

L4: 15/12, Body Weight Lunges

(3-min Rest)

Within 8-mins…. ”Run the table”

Total Clean and snatch for each person

Person 1: Assault Bike

Person 2: Working on Clean or Snatch

*Switch however— trying to find the heaviest 1RM for Snatch & Clean and most meters on Assault Bike

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