Turkey’s Revenge


Turkey’s Revenge

With a partner:

We’re going on a turkey hunt!
Run 1000m together

The turkey ran over a stream and climbed a mountain… Go after it!
90 Double Unders / 90 Mountain Climbers

Turkey jumped into a tree… Help your partner climb up into it!
80 Pullups / 80 Push Press (65/95)

Turkey jumped out of the tree and ran through a forest… Jump over the fallen trees and move a few out of the way!
70 Box Jump Overs + 70 Hang Power Cleans  (one partner is always running 100 meters, switch every 100 meter)

Turkey got away, but you see it hiding in the bush… sneak up to it!
60 Front Rack Lunges / 60 Burpees

Let’s see how good of a shot you are!
50 Wall Ball Shots EACH, one partner resting

You missed! You will eat vegetables… Pick ‘em!
40 Dumbbell Snatches (35/50) / 40 KB Swings (35/53)

Now pick your vegetables up and carry ‘em home!
300m Farmer’s Carry EACH (alternating 50m segments)

One last ditch effort to lure the turkey back out with an elaborate turkey mating ritual dance!
20 Wall Walks (partner rests… you’re welcome)

You asked for it… the turkey heard your call and has the hots for you now… Run and Hide!
10 Suicides / partner holds plank

*Run 200m after each round

L1: 115/85

L2: 95/65

L3: 75/55

L4: DB

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