Tuesday, September 3rd


Tuesday, September 3rd

Deadlifts week 4 of 8:

10 x 50%

10 x 60%

10 x 65%

  8 x 75%

  6 x 80%


The deadlifts should feel familiar this week, as it’s a repeat of last week’s rep scheme. Make adjustments based on performance last week. Nobody should be scaling up — this cycle will get pretty heavy soon enough — but make sure they are able to maintain proper form at the heavier weights.



15 DB DLs (50/35)

10 DB Lunges (5/per leg)

5 Devil’s Press


  • This will be a mental grind. Focus on pacing. It’s easy to get carried away and do large sets in the first round when you’re fresh. But if you go out too hot, it will catch up to you.

• Weight: Be very mindful of the weight here. Don’t be afraid to err on the lighter side. Most athletes will be limited by the Devil’s Press, but make sure that to use the same DBs for all three movements. If that means they are faster through the first two movements, great.

• Aim for 1 round every 2 minutes on average

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