Tuesday, September 24th


Tuesday, September 24th


Benchmark Retest:
2,000m Row time trial


  • This is a retest from August 20th. Look up your time and plan out how to beat it!
  • Pictures of scores were posted to FB on August 20th by Erin or your coach can find it.
  • Try to hold to your target pace and give everything you have the last 200m!


AMRAP in 8 min with a partner, trade as needed:

20 Hill sprints

40’ D-ball pull (choose your adventure)


  • Grab a partner and have fun with this accessory grunt work
  • For the hill sprints you will run to the top of the grass hill and come back down (1 rep)
  • For the D-ball pull you will roll the D-ball down the floor (between legs). The ball can not leave the ground.

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