Tuesday, August 20th


Tuesday, August 20th

Skill: Rowing 8 min EMOM, 30 sec work/ 30 sec rest

            First 4 minutes build pace

            Second 4 minutes at goal pace for 2k

Rest 4 minutes

Metcon: 2000m Row (10 minutes)

Intent: This is a baseline test to lock in a 2K time, and work off that pace before we retest.

Strategy: Break the 2000m into 4 x 500m sections. Use the EMOM in warm up as a starting point for the first 500m, and adjust each 500m as needed to push the final 500m.

Here is a more detailed description:


Accessory work: (15 minutes)

          5 rounds:

            Seated single arm KB press x6 per arm


            Hollow hold 45sec

            Rest 60sec

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