Thursday, September 26th


Thursday, September 26th


Snatch – Speed under the bar

3×5 Tall snatch (progressive)


Take 10 minutes to work to heavy high hang snatch for the day


  • For the Tall snatch emphasize standing tall and pulling yourself under the bar as fast as you can.
  • Check for correct receiving position in tall snatch and make adjustments here
  • Use speed developed from tall snatch drill to get under fast on the high hang snatch


15 min AMRAP:
300m run

10 FR lunges (145/103, 125/90, 95/65)


  • The intent for today is to test ability to hold and move weight when fatigued.
  • When fatigued work to keep chest up and core braced
  • Try to go unbroken with a heavy weight. Rest at the top instead of dropping weight..
  • Scale to complete each round in 2:00-2:30 and get  6-7 rounds total

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