Thursday, September 19th


Thursday, September 19th


Snatch: Combining the First and Second pulls
3×3 halting hang power snatch (not to exceed 50%)

3×3 power snatch (not to exceed 60%)

3×3 full snatch (not to exceed 70%)

  • Halting hang power snatch: snatch-grip DL to power position, pause 2 secs, power snatch
  • Athletes should focus on keeping the angle of their back consistent through the first pull to the power position; from there, focus on explosive hips and finishing the pull before pulling underneath the bar
  • Power snatch and full snatch may be touch-and-go if athletes are able to maintain form, otherwise they should be quick singles


For Time (13min cap)


Snatch (95/65, 75/55, 45/35)

Chest-to-bar pullups (C2B, regular pullups, ring rows)


  • Intent: Test your snatch cycling speed at a light weight. Really focus on hitting the positions tested in the strength segment, especially when moving fast through sets.
  • These are squat snatches; athletes may sub a power snatch/OHS if necessary
  • Break up snatches and C2B into manageable sets early to avoid overtaxing your grip; make a plan of attack and try to stick to it

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