Thursday, September 12


Thursday, September 12

SKILL: Snatch

4×3 Muscle Snatch *ascending weight


3×3 Power Snatch


  • Burgner warm up with a PVC.
  • Specifically focus on the muscle snatch. The bar path should remain close. The snatch is a pull high and press under, not a reverse curl.
  • Build muscle snatch to the heaviest set of 3 allowable with good form. The heavier the load the better the form has to be!
  • After that weight is found add 10-20 lbs and perform 3×3 power snatch focusing on a strong turnover

METCON: (9min cap)


Ring Rows


Directly into


Air Squats

Ring Dips


  • Intent: Fast bodyweight metcon as a break from long hard cardio this week. This is a chance to get your pump on!
  • You will become limited by muscle fatigue. Scale the rows and dips by adjusting the height of your feet or adding a band as necessary. The goal will be to scale so the set of 21 is done in 4 sets or less.
  • Don’t short change your range of motion on the air squats. Practice perfect depth.

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