Sunday, October 6th


Sunday, October 6th

SKILL: Pull ups

With your coach progress through these drills:

  • Hand position and lat engagement
  • Hollow body hold + relax
  • Hollow body to extension (kip)
  • Hollow body to extension with pause (kip with pause)
  • Full kip- feel momentum at top of kip
  • Timing of pull to bar at the top of kip
  • Pushing away from bar after rep
  • Reset to kip


  • Take the time to focus on each one of these drills
  • The kip is not generated from a leg swing/ hip bend. Always return to hollow body!



KB snatches (52/35, 35/25, 25/15)

Box jumps (24/20, 20/16)

Pullups (Pullups, flat rep pullups*, ring rows)


  • Avoid starting too fast in the early rounds, as the later rounds will get a lot tougher with big sets. Put the skill work to the test and aim for big sets on the pullups.
  • Focus on punching through at the top of the KB snatches to avoid impact on your wrist/arm
  • *For athletes who want to practice their pullups in a metcon setting, feel free to adjust the rep scheme to a flat number every round instead of increasing by 4 each time

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