Sunday, October 13th


Sunday, October 13th

EMOM: Cap 10 minutes

3 power cleans (135/95)

2 Front squats

1 Jerk

add 10/5lbs every minute until you cannot complete the work in a minute

rest 2 minutes


5 Deadlifts (last attempted weight)

10 burpees OTB


  • Perform 1 complex every minute until you cannot complete the work. It does not have to be unbroken. You may take multiple attempts if needed but you must finish within the minute in order to add weight.
  • If you have a high 1rm add 10lbs every round, if not add 5lbs per round
  • You may also choose to do 2 rounds at the same weight
  • To find your starting weight take 95% of your Jerk and subtract 10x the number of lbs you are adding (100lbs if you are adding 10 each round, 50lbs if you are adding 5).
  • Adjust your starting weight as you see fit.
  • Once you cannot complete the Jerk within the time frame, leave that weight on the bar, rest 2 minutes before beginning the 5 minute AMRAP

Accessory-Closed grip work

Take 10 minutes: As much time as possible in a dead hang


  • Break as needed, keep track of the total time you are able to hang on throughout the 10 minutes
  • If you cannot hold onto the bar in a dead hang for longer than 30 seconds switch to the heaviest KB you can hold

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