Sunday, August 25th


Sunday, August 25th

Skill: Kipping progressions (15 minutes)

Build hollow hold and supermans with PVC pipe on the ground

  • Teach lat activation
  • Basic kip
  • Kipping pull up or toes to bar

Metcon: For time (with a partner)


-Toes to Bar (T2B, T2R, Knee raises)

-Pull Ups (pull-ups, pull-ups with a band, ring rows)

Intent: Complete 1 movement and then partner goes. Try and shoot for unbroken/large sets and rest when partner is going. We are trying to build volume on the rig.

Strength: Accessory Work

13 min EMOM

Minute 1: Plank hold 45 sec

Minute 2: Static pull up hold 30 sec (20 sec, accumulate time)

Minute 3: D-Ball hold 60 sec (45 sec, accumulate time)

Minute 4: Rest

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