Sunday August 18


Sunday August 18

Skill: Kettle Bell Swings (10 min)

4 Rounds each (rest while partner goes)

5 Heavy KB drags

5 KB Hikes

5 Dead stop swings

10 Continual swings

The intent is to work on form. Watch for lack of glute engagement and for dropping of chest. Here is a breakdown of what we are looking for:

Drag– DL position with bell arms length away. Grip bell trying to break the handle in half to engage lats. Drag bell slowly between legs without moving from DL position.

Hike-same Starting position as drag. Hike bell between upper thighs, so forearms touch thighs and bell is near butt. Return bell to starting position and repeat

Dead stop swings-(single swings)- repeat hike & when bell is tight to thigh stand up to plank.

Continual swings- 10 in a row

Swing basics rundown resource

Metcon Specific Warm-up (7 min)

Focus on: WB efficiency, kipping and T2B, warmup power clean weight, warm-up muscle ups

Metcon: AMRAP 14 min

-60 cal row

-50 T2B (T2B, K2E, Knee raises)

-40 Wall balls (20/14, 14/10, 10/6)

-30 power cleans (135/95, 115/80, 95/65)

-20 mu (ring/bar mu, ring pull-ups, jumping mu)

Intent: Move through this chipper to get as far as you can. The row should be controlled and the T2B and WB broken into sets. Power cleans can be done as fast singles but be careful not to pull early and muscle clean it. Save arms and shoulders for the muscle ups/ pull portion.

Strength: Bench Press (15 min)

5×5 @ 70%

The intent is to keep doing some power lifting movements even when not on cycle.

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