Still Living


Still Living

SKILL – Front Squats

Part A: Instructions- With a 15-min running clock find a HEAVY Pause FS (5 sec in bottom/12 in FR Postion)


Part B: Instructions- With a 15-min Running clock Apply 83% of your “Heavy” for (3-3-3) Same Pauses as above

Coaches note: For the 3×3, 1 full set of the 3 is 0:51-seconds

METCON – Against 7-mins… Up by 2’s until you have reached (14)

Front Rack Lunges

THEN, in remaining time: Burpee Pull-ups

2 Possible Scores: Completion time for Ladder (+) Burpee pull-ups or just Rounds of Couplet

L1: 135/95, Deficit HSPU (4″/2″)
L2: 95/65, Kipping HSPU
L3: 75/55, Scaled Kipping HSPU (Stack plates under ab-mat)
L4: DB Farmer’s Carry Lunges, Push-ups

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