Stefan DiMauro


Stefan DiMauro

Age? 34

Occupation? I work in IT……my google-Fu is strong.

Where are you from? Montreal, Canada – but mostly grew up in NC.  

Have you played sports in the past? When I was much younger I was playing hockey…baseball…soccer. I ran track & field in high school. Used to bike & rollerblade…like a lot.

How long have you done Crossfit? This August – it will be 2 years

How did you hear about Crossfit? Wife (Erin) found us a groupon deal. We had been looking for a steady fitness regiment for several years at that point.

What made you take the plunge? I saw her enthusiasm & energy jump after only a few classes. Figured…why not!

What has Crossfit done for you?  Apart from dropping some weight – CrossFit has shown me transformation is possible through a steady approach. I always find myself in a better mood after a workout. It has introduced me to some wonderfully funny and strong people. The same people I have found myself wanting to hang out with in and out of the gym.

What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite? Favorite movement is Burpees! Why? Because it was a movement I greatly struggled with early on in my crossfit experience. It was one that I had to fully “Embrace the suck” as they say when it came to seeing it cooked into a WOD. I knew it would fatigueme quickly, I knew it would feel like they would never end, but as soon as I accepted that mindset – I no longer feared it. I now relish seeing them in WODs as a way to gut-check my fitness progress. Doesn’t matter if you are putting up great lifting PRs or rowing for thousands of meters: Spending 15 minutes doing bar-over-burpees will tell me exactly how much more work I have yet to do in the gym.

Least favorite movement is Double Unders! (Kidding) ….still Burpees. Why? Because I love and hate this movement. The onlyway I conquer it is through that love/hate relationship. I hate the way they feel on the nth round of an AMRAP…but I love being able to pull out the stops on the final round of a grueling workout thanks to burpees. Even so…the burpees always win. Sooner or later…I am finding myself not wanting to push up off the floor to continue. They constantly remind me that I am not as fit as I could be. Not as in shape as I could be. Nothing can gut-check you faster than a burpee. As Crossfit goes: keep your WOD partners close, keep your evil movements closer.

What is your favorite Crossfit moment? What is your least favorite moment? More like moments: hitting a 140lb bench & being able to do a pullup for the first time since college. Completing the Murph was the capstone for my year of fitness goals – all were pretty emotional. Least favorite moment: the crossfit open – 17.3. It was one of those moments that brought me right back to square one. Went into the workout overconfident, and with not enough preparation. Got put in my place right then & there.

What would you tell others about Crossfit? I would say: talk to the gym owners & coaches if you have any doubts about wanting to try it out. Don’t go with what so & so tells you at the store, or in your normal group of friends (especially if they themselves have never done it….or have not done it in a very long time). If you are nervous to go alone, then see if a friend wants to try it with you. Or better yet, if you know someone currently doing CrossFit, then see if they can plug you into their gym to get started.

Why Southpoint Crossfit? It was the springboard for my venture into Crossfit and I have been a fan of this gym ever since. The environment is super welcoming, the coaches are great, the space is modest but it suits us. I never have any trouble getting help with lifting advice or form correction. Everyone stays really open to receiving advice or observations from gym regulars & visiting coaches. No one is above that mindset from what I have observed.

What are your interests outside of Crossfit? I do like being outdoors when possible. Either in the mountains or by the coast (Though I find the mountains easier to get to). Hiking is always fun, but when I need to step it up a notch – paintball/airsoft are on the next rung. I am always on the lookout for a new food/beer to try. Love live music – outdoor concerts are a must when the weather is nice (and the NC bugs are sleeping .  

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