sorry not sorry


sorry not sorry

Skill: Power Snatch & Snatch Grip RDL

Strength: Snatch & Snatch Grip RDL:
a.) 3-3-3 Power Snatch (0:03 Pause in catch) (3 Singles-NO TNG)
Don’t Exceed 75% of Power Snatch

b.) 5-5-5 Snatch Grip RDL (85% of 1RM Snatch for all sets)

Metcon: Every 2-mins for (6) Rounds
100m Run
2 Power Snatches

L1: 200m Run,135/95
L2: 100m Run, 95/65
L3: 100m Run,75/55
L4: 100m Ru, 6 DB Snatches

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