Saturday, September 7th


Saturday, September 7th

METCON:30 min.

For time with a partner (30 minute cap)
800m Run (both)

50 DB Snatch (50/35)

40 chest-to-bar pullups (C2B, pullups, ring rows)

30 strict HSPU (strict, kipping, pike pushups)

20 sandbag over the box (150/100, 48″)

30 strict HSPU

40 chest-to-bar pullups

50 DB Snatch

800m Run (both)


  • Intent: Classic chipper, partner-style. Share the movements by breaking into manageable sets and just keep moving.
  • Scaling: Scale sandbag over box to standard sandbag cleans as needed.
  • For sandbag over box, athletes will clean the sandbag to their shoulders and push it over the top of the box to the other side. Their partner will then do the same on the other side, pushing it back over. Teams will continue in this manner until they have reached 20 reps.
  • Stack two 24″ boxes and secure them with bands. Line up all boxes next to each other. Athletes will arrive at the station and work in.

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