Saturday, August 17 Partner Work


Saturday, August 17 Partner Work

Metcon: Partner Day (40 min cap)

  1. 12 min AMRAP Partners trade as needed

-30 air squats

-30 ring rows

-30 OH lunge (45/35, 35/25, 25/15)

*400m run together after each round

Rest 3 min

2) 4 rounds for time Partners trade as needed

-6 rope climbs (from seated on floor, S or J hook, 3x floor pulls)

-12 bar over burpees (barbell from 3rd segment)

-18 single arm DB hang C&J (50/35, 35/20, 20/15)

Rest 3 min

3. For time

300 DUs (Unbroken sets of 25 DUs, DUs, 2x singles)

*Partner holds top of deadlift (135/95, 95/65)

Intent: This is a long WOD with equal rest while partner works. Use the first AMRAP to get warm and primed. Middle round pick a DB weight that get 8 unbroken. Last section this is dedicated DU practice under fatigue.

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