Reflecting on the Awesomeness of Squad Gone WOD


Reflecting on the Awesomeness of Squad Gone WOD

Southpoint Crossfit had a team place second at Squad Gone WOD on June 17th! Team Squats… I thought you said Shots? was able to maintain consistent placement in each event to make it to the final WOD, even taking first in some of their heats. When someone says “Crossfit Competition,” people immediately think of the Open, Regionals, or the Games. The images of people with abs like Ninja turtle shells and biceps the size of quads, can be intimidating. Most local competitions are not like that, most are fun events where people from other teams will come cheer for you. It is more of a community event, just with lifting before the drinking.

In this post, I am going to share my personal experience competing alongside Stephanie and Lexi, with some of the antics from the day.

Per my nature, we arrived right when instructed at 7:30 am and proceeded to set up a pop-up city beside our sister gyms, Bull City Crossfit and Crossfit Durham. 9-ish the athlete briefing occurs, questions are asked, and we disburse. By this point, I have had a protein shake and a banana, peed, paced nervously around the campsite, pre WOD poops, warmed up for the first event, joked with my hubs about being base camp support, peed again, checked on my teammates, had a group bathroom trip, and finally became super excited. All in a 30 minute time period.  Event One: each team member had to row 1000 meters, do 100 single unders, then run 1 mile as a group “tied” together. We came in first in our heat! But there is no way that was a full mile, closer to 1200 meters. But hey, I hate running and no one else said anything so I kept my mouth shut.

Then, the waiting game, which included: hydrating, peeing, hydrating, pacing, joking with the other teams, teasing Stefan (the hubs) for getting Bo’jangles and drinking a beer, warming-up, peeing. You get the drift. Between events there is normally a lot of time to kill. With this one we ran over by at least an hour.

Then we lifted heavy things!  As a team each partner had to establish a three rep max on either a clean, jerk, or snatch, without letting go of the bar. When your whole team hits a PR on the three rep max, the level of excitement is insane!

Another long waiting time, which included a food break to go with the hydrating, potty breaks, pacing, and joking. Event three was a synchronized workout. For an 8 minute AMRAP; on partner would do kettlebell thrusters while the other two had to synchronize burpee box jump overs. Communication. I am grateful for my teammate (some badass ladies), took time to practice prior before have in order to better know each other and how we should break down the movements. By knowing each other and going in with a plan we were able to move efficiently and place top in the event!

We completed our event, went outside to relax, then the deluge happened. Luckily most of us felt the temperature drop outside, knew something was coming, and packed up most of everything besides the tent and the cooler. The bottom fell out of the sky. It rained, hard and fast, to the point we had a river running through the parking lot. Confident that the final event, due to the rain, already being over schedule by an hour, and that the final event would only be for the top 5 teams. I cracked open a beer and watched the rain. Beer in hand, I ran inside to my other teammates, just to be informed that we would be competing in the final heat. A combination Isabel (30 Snatches), Grace (30 Clean and Jerks), and Diane (21-15-9 Deadlifts and Hand Release Push ups). We nailed it with some amount of cursing and me rolling around on the floor when we finished.

More waiting and watching, rehydrating (with beer this time) and peeing. The three of us were standing around listening for the top three to be announced, surrounded by friends and beers in hand. When we were not called for third place, we congratulated each other on a good job and made plans for food after. Then, holy crap, our team name was called for second place!

To summarize: we worked out, goofed off, and had a great time surrounded by supportive individuals. If you ever get a chance to do a competition, do it. It should always be for fun. As you can tell, we could not stop smiling. Southpoint will host a small competition on August 5th, please come, watch, and see for yourself how much fun it can be. Also support your fellow athletes!


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