never let it rest


never let it rest

Skill: Review the Stations:

Strength: (4) Rounds:
(5)/Leg-Back Rack Lunge (Supeset): Take out of the Rack <Climbing>
(10) Glute Bridges: Back off Bench or Box <Climbing>
(Rest 1:30)

Mecton: Against (20)-Time for Time–With a Partner: (Trade However)
150 Wall-Balls
*1 Person Runs 200m/1 Person works on WBs*
100 Cal Bike/Row/Ski
*1 Person Holds a D-Ball/1 Person Bike/Row/Ski Cals*
50 DBL DB/KB FR Lunge
*1 Person Holds a FR Hold/ 1 Person Lunging*

L1: 20/14, 150/100 (D-Ball), Black/Blue
L2: 20/14, 120/80 (D-Ball), Blue/Red
L3: 14/10, 80/60 (D-Ball), Red/Orange
L4: 10/8, 60/40 (D-Ball), Orange/Yellow

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