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My Paragraph

With a Partner:

Against 10-mins—Follow the leader… 18-15-12-9-6-3  (Both partners compete all work but second partner cannot start Row/Bike until first partner has moved to Front Squats)

Cal, Row/Bike
Front Squats

L1: 115/85
L2: 95/65
L3: 75/55
L4: Goblet Squats

(3-min Rest from the last team to finish)

14-min AMRAP

Micro WOD: #1

100m Run
10 Box Jump Overs
10 DB Snatches


Micro WOD: #2

10 Burpees
10 T2B

L1: T2B,Deficit HSPU (4”/2”), 24”/20”, 50/35
L2: T2B, HSPU, 34”/20”, 50/35
L3: K2E, Scaled HSPU (Off Box or Plate/Ab-mat), 35/20
L4: Dragon Flies or Abmat Sit-ups, Reg. Burpees, Push-ups, 20/15

How to complete: Each person works on one of the WODs separately/at the same time. Switch when both people have finished. If 1 person finishes before the other, wait until partner finishes before moving to the next Mini WOD.

Score: 1 round is complete when both partners complete both the WODs.

(3-min Rest)

Against 6-mins….4 Rounds of DT (Trade full rounds; 2/person)

12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 S2OH

L1: 155/105
L2: 115/85
L3: 75/55
L4: DB Everything

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