Monday, September 23rd


Monday, September 23rd


Deadlift Week 7

10 x 55%

10 x 65%

6 x 75%

6 x 80%

6 x 85%

4 x 90%


  • Focus on bracing your core and activating your glutes, particularly on the heavy sets!
  • There are lots of heavy reps today so make sure to rest 2 min between sets
  • Don’t let the bar pull you forward and into a bad position on the descent


4 Rounds:

15 Slam balls (choose your adventure)

20’ HS Walk (20’ HS walk, 10’ HS walk, 40’ bear crawl)


  • Intent: Fast burner!
  • This is a sprint. Go for under 5 minutes.
  • Pick a weight on slam balls that is challenging but unbroken.
  • Limit rest on transition to HS walk/ bear crawl to 3 deep breaths
  • Those without 20’ HS walk talk to coach about scaling to a manageable distance
  • Everyone should try 1 kick-up/attempt before switching to bear crawl

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