Monday, September 16th


Monday, September 16th

Deadlifts (week 6 of 8)

10 x 50%

10 x 60%

8 x 75%

6 x 85%

4 x 90%


  • Brace core, activate hamstrings
  • Take tension out of bar before starting lift, don’t just yank off floor


5 x 100m sprint

rest 2 minutes

Every :90

5 x shuttle sprints


  • Intent: We’re testing anaerobic capacity and top-line speed today. These sprints should be all-out, 100% efforts! Don’t hold anything back. There should be enough rest in between each sprint that you can recover in time to go again.
  • For first set of sprints, athletes will sprint 100m, walk back to the start, repeat
  • For shuttle sprints, cones will be set at 5m intervals (5-10-15-20); athletes should get both feet beyond the line at each cone and touch the ground with at least one hand

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