Monday, October 15th


Monday, October 15th



8 toes-to-bar (T2B, hanging knee raises, abmat situps)

8 DB thrusters (35/25, 20/15)

12 DB lunges


  • Intent: See how long you can stay unbroken through the moderate rep counts and lighter-than-usual weights in this hero WOD.
  • Choose a scale on the T2B that allows you to keep moving.
  • For the DB thrusters, keep your chest upright and the dumbbells stacked. Drive up out of the hole and pop your hips.
  • Pick a “lane” of the rig. Perform your thrusters near your T2B, then lunge 6 steps out and 6 steps back. Transition immediately into the next round of T2B.

Accessory Work:

400m D-ball carry (AHAP)

*Every time you drop, 2 d-balls over the shoulder


  • Fight to keep your chest up with the ball high on your chest
  • Grip your hands/wrists and find a comfortable position
  • Hang on for a few more steps every time you think you need to drop

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