Monday, August 26th


Monday, August 26th

Deadlifts (week 3 of 8)

10 x 50%

10 x 60%

10 x 65%

  8 x 75%

  6 x 80%

●      This week the work gets more difficult. Pay attention to form on the last 2 sets and rest correctly to protect your back. Avoid bouncing the weight and losing core stability.


“Jackie” (12 min. cap)

1000m row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pullups

●      Jackie is a benchmark WOD you will want to record. Row should be at 2k pace +5 so you can attack the thrusters in 1-3 sets. Pull-ups should be fast and done in big reps. Don’t lose control of your heart rate on the row or first 20 reps of thrusters!

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