Meet Ellen Tuck!


Meet Ellen Tuck!

Age? 30 years young

Occupation? Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant

Where are you from? The Dirt D, Durham, the bull city

Have you played sports in the past? I was a competitive soccer player for most of my life. Back in my good old days I even was on the NC Olympic Development team for soccer and got to play along side of Mia Hamm!

How long have you done Crossfit? I’ve been doing CrossFit since 2011

How did you hear about Crossfit? I signed up for a group-on deal at a local box in Charlotte because I was looking for something fun to try besides running.

What made you take the plunge? Before CrossFit I did not lift weights, I was mainly a cardio-acholic because no one ever showed me how to lift properly and I was afraid of murdering myself in front of the 70 year-old men at the Y! I had reached the point where I was pretty burnt out on running and not seeing any changes with my body from my current regiment and diet routine. Being from an athletic background I was excited to get back into a setting where I was being coached again and being able to challenge myself with a variety of workouts. I was also pretty excited to not have to plan a workout or map a run after finishing a long day at work! But the main thing that really sold me on CrossFit was the comradery and community feel. I love being cheered on and being able to cheer others on during a workout, it’s a powerful feeling and definitely makes you push yourself out of that comfort zone.

What has Crossfit done for you? I’ve run one marathon in my life and will never do it again, but that same satisfaction and “holy cow my body just did that” moment that I experienced while crossing the finish line is the same feeling I get to experience multiple times in the CrossFit setting whether it’s after a heavy lift that I didn’t think I could do, competing in a competition or actually making it through murph or a Saturday WOD without dying! It has given me a life-long group of friends and a healthy and motivated community where I feel I belong.

What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite? Cleans & HSPU all day! Wall Balls—BARF!

What is your favorite Crossfit moment? Least Favorite? Getting to workout and share my love of CrossFit with husband Dustin!  Also finishing 1st in my first CrossFit competition with the lovely Jen Wiggen! My least favorite moment is still not being able to do a darn muscle-up BUT IT WILL HAPPEN!!

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