Jurassic Plastic


Jurassic Plastic

SKILL – Toes to Bar/Review the stations

STRENGTH – Every 3-mins for 15-mins 

5/5 Kettlebell Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squats (1 Foot on box)
8 Good Mornings from the Rig (Keep the weight light) 
20 Unbroken Russian Kettlebell Swings (These should be unbroken (x) 5) 

How to Scale: 

KB FR B.Split Squats: Lower the height of the box/Take away the KB/or Just do lunges 
Barbell Good mornings: Super Light weight on the Barbell/Empty B. Bell/ Hug KB and perform GM 

METCON – 10-min AMRAP 

3 Deadlifts
6 Box Jump Overs 
9 T2B 

Goal= 7+ Rounds

L1: 315/225, 24″/20″, T2B 
L2: 225/155, 24″/20″,T2B 
L3: 135/95, 24″/20″ (Step-Overs), K2E 
L4: HEAVIER than NORMAL Single KB DL, 20″/17″, 18 Ab-Mat Sit-ups 

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