Meet Priyanka Patil Thombre!

Age? 33

Occupation? Database programmer at Fidelity Investments.
Where are you from? India
Have you played sports in the past? Was an athlete throughout my school years.Mountaineered in the Himalayas. Was a state level roller skating champion.
How long have you done Crossfit? 3 months
How did you hear about Crossfit? Through an advertisement on my Facebook page for the 6 week challenge.
What made you take the plunge? Always liked to participate in competitive sports in school and college. However, due to lack of accessibility and proper training I could never get into lifting weights. I got older and life got complicated. I lost sports from my life. I had a kid, a demanding job and I started to make excuses like: “I am too tired” or “I just can’t fit it in at the end of the day.” And that’s when I knew I needed to get stronger to get more out of life. Women who lifted have always inspired me. So when I came to know about the challenge I had to sign up!
What has Crossfit done for you? CrossFit made me strong again. At 33, I am stronger than I was ever in my 20s. Workouts are scalable so I can start slow and light and go on improving. One other thing that I love about Crossfit is that it is ugly. The gyms are dirty. They are often exposed to the elements. There is chalk everywhere. The music is loud and people will be cursing, grunting, yelling, laughing and fully loaded barbells will frequently hit the floor. You don’t see people wandering aimlessly and lazily. Love the fact that it’s functional. I am active from minute 1 through minute 60! And when I am finally done, I am out of breath and exhausted. That’s full worth of my 60 minutes. Now a days the only workouts I regret are the ones that I miss!
What is your favorite movement? What is your least favorite? Favorite- Cleans and squats. Least favorite- chin to bar pull ups. Not there yet!
What is your favorite Crossfit moment? When I can lift heavier than I did last time! CrossFit is brutal but it’s fun when you do it alongside likeminded people. Place is always charged with positive energy. You always have someone to cheer for you during that last impossible set and someone to give you a shout from a corner when you build up and lift a heavy set.  The weekly mobility session is a favorite too! To relieve those hardworking sore muscles!
What is your least favorite moment?  When I am too tired to push harder.