I’ve got a story to tell


I’ve got a story to tell

Skill: Squat Mobilization

Strength: Front Squats
2 x 4 @ 90%
1 Max Effort @ 90%

With a Partner For Time- Complete in Any Order (15-min Cap)
800m Run or 1000m Row
80 Dumbbell Squats (open style)
70 V-Ups
60 Burpee over DBs

L1: 1000m,50/35, V-Ups, Burpee over DBs
L2: 800m, 50/35, V-Ups, Burpee over DBs
L3: 800m, 35/20, Sit-Ups, Burpee over DBs (Step allowed)
L4: 600m, 20/15, Sit-Ups, Reg. Burpees

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