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Partner Saturday!!

Against 10-mins.. 10 Rounds For Time: 17.5! (Trading Rounds) (5/Person)

9 Thrusters
35 Double-Unders

L1: 115/85, Unbroken DUs
L2: 95/65, DUs
L3: 75/55, Singles
L4: DB Thrusters

*If everyone finishes early on 17.5…3-min Rest from the last team to finish.

(12)-min AMRAP (Trading Movements)

—Goal: 4 Total Rounds (2/Person)

40 Air Squats
20/16 Bike or Row
10 Hang Power Cleans

L1: 20 Alt. Pistols (10/Leg), 20/16 Cal. Bike or Row, 185/135
L2: 12 Alt. Pistols (6/Leg) or 40 Air-Squats, 20/16 Cal. Bike or Row, 135/95
L3: 40 Air-Squats, 16/12 Cal. Bike or Row, 75/55
L4: 40 Air-Squats, 12/9 Cal. Bike or Row, DB Hang Power Cleans

-3-min Rest-

Against (7)-mins (10) 100m Sprints; Remaining Time: Pull-ups
*Trading 100m Sprints (5/Person)

L1: Bar Muscle Ups
L3: (8) 100m Sprints, Pull-ups (Assisted or Non-Assisted)
L4: (6) 100m Sprints, Ring Rows

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