Helpful Nutrition Tips!


Helpful Nutrition Tips!

Turkey day just went and now we have Christmas coming up! That means family time and food. We can’t give you any advice on how to survive your family but we can help with the food side. Yes, you do need to fuel your muscles, just not your waistline – unless you are going for a powerbelly (which is a thing).

Quick Tips to think about:

  • Think of your plate divided up like a pie graph (see image below). This will help by making sure that you are eating enough nutrient dense food to get your gains!
    • When you are filling up your plate, start with the veggies, protein, then the starch.

  • Keep up with your protein! Protein helps fuels your muscles and helps you stay fuller longer.  Supplement with shakes if you need to make sure they are good quality and fit any dietary restrictions you may have. Meaning: vegan-friendly, soy free, whatever you personal restrictions are. I prefer whey protein isolate, others prefer pea protein, there are lots of options out there. Don’t be afraid to ask others what they use and like.
  • Slip ups happen. Do not beat yourself up about it. But do not let it become an excuse to eat whatever you want. A cheat meal is fine, do not let it progress into a cheat week. It happened, just move forward.
  • It will take time. We all want to see weight magically fall off to reveal the muscles we have toiled for underneath. It will not happen overnight and stepping on the scale everyday can be extremely disheartening. Go into this experience knowing that it will take time, space out the weigh ins, and focus on how much stronger you are/ clothes are fitting/ etc.
  • Share recipes! If you find a healthy and delicious recipe, share it with others. One: sharing is caring, but Two: they may also have a recipe to share with you. This expands what you are able to eat.

If you have specific questions, reach out to Jack for more direction. Remember food is fuel and you feel what you eat. Eat well and you will feel well.

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