hello munchkin


hello munchkin

On an 8 Minute Timer…
Both partners establish a 5RM Power Snatch
At the same time…Row for max meters
-Add 10lbs to your total for every 100 meter rowed..1,000 metes adds 100lbs to your total.

1 Partner may be on the rower while the other partner is lifting, but once the monitor starts.. it must stay on or you start back at zero meters

Score is total weight lifted + bonus lbs accrued from rowing.

-Rest 4:00-

18 Min AMRAP
Splitting reps anyhow…
2 Rounds:
80 Wallballs
30 Burpees
Rest 3:00 from last burpee
2 Rounds:
60 Pullups
30 S2OH

L1: 30/20, Chest 2 Bar, 155/105
L2: 20/14, Pullups, 135/95
L3: 14/10, Jumping Pullups, 95/65
L4: 10/6, 20 Burpees/rd, Ring rows, DB Push Press

-Rest 4 Mins:-

For Time: 5 min cap
Choose one to complete:
-200 Foot Handstand Walk
-16 Wall Walks
-Accrue 3 Mins in a Handstand/Headstand Hold/Plank Hold

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