gettin heavy


gettin heavy

Skill: Moblize for Front Squats

Strength: Front Squat
2 x 1 – 2 (100%)
1 Set of Max Effort (100%)

Metcon: (10)-min AMRAP
100m Run
3 Power Cleans
Each new Round: Add 10/5lbs

L1: SHSPU, Add 20/10lbs, Start at 135/95
L2: 3 SHSPU (*Scale with Ab-mat, but keep Strict), Add 10/5lbs, Start at 115/85
L3: 6 Kipping HSPU, Keep at the same weight 95/65 (NO Weight Change)
L4: 6 Push-ups, 10 Ring Rows, DB Power Cleans

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