Friday, September 6th


Friday, September 6th

SKILL: Rowing

With a partner (rest while partner rows):
2 rounds of 2:00 at the following stroke rates:

0:00-0:30 @ 20 s/m

0:30-1:00 @ 25 s/m

1:00-1:30 @ 30 s/m

1:30-2:00 @ 35 s/m


  • The goal here is to educate athletes on the impact of stroke rate on their rowing stamina, which plays a role in their ability to sustain performance on longer distances like 2k.
  • Emphasize driving through the legs and relaxed recoveries at the lower stroke rates, and maintain the same leg drive as the recovery speeds up and how that effects the 500m split
  • Note how the higher stroke rates become more of a cardio effort and spike the heart rate.


Clean Complex

E2MOM x 8 sets

Clean + Front Squat + Clean


  • Start around 50-60% of max Clean and build to a heavy single of the complex


For Time (8 minute cap)


Sit Ups


Heavy Russian KB Swings


  • Intent: This metcon should be quick. Don’t overlook the situps – after 70 situps, athletes will still have 45 KB Swing reps left. Focus on stabilizing the core with aggressive hip extension. Squeeze that butt!
  • The weight should be heavy enough that 20 in a row is going to be tough

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