Friday, September 20th


Friday, September 20th


Clean + 2 Jerks

E2MOM x 12 (65-75%)


  • Athletes should aim to warm up to 65-75% and maintain that weight throughout the E2MOM, though they may continue to build as necessary
  • Focus on finishing the pull on the clean and proper foot positioning in the jerk


12 rounds for time (14 min cap)

9 wall balls (20/14, 14/10, 10/6)

1 clean and jerk (75-85%)


  • Intent: It’s not a lot of wall balls each round but they’ll sneak up on you, so athletes will have to really focus on the C&Js and hit their positions. This is a good test of what we’ve worked on under a little bit of fatigue.
  • Athletes may perform push jerks or split jerks
  • Choose a weight that is challenging but doable for each round and stick with it

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