Friday, October 11th


Friday, October 11th

First Friday Night Lights head to head is at 7pm! There is no 6:30pm class. The 5:30pm bootcamp and CrossFit classes will combine.

4x(300m Fast 1minute easy or walk)

800m easy,

2 min rest

2x(500m fast, 1min easy)

600m moderate

2 min rest

3x(400m fast, 1 min easy)


  • This is 3 miles total of running with 13 minutes of rest built in. There will be a cap of 35 minutes to get the work done.
  • If you your mile time is not below 8 minutes you should scale down the working sets. Discuss with your coach how to scale.
  • Bring a stopwatch if you have it to help manage your pace and rest.
  • “Fast” should be slightly faster than your mile pace.

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