Friday, August 23rd


Friday, August 23rd

Skill: Pistol work (8 min)

Air squat:


Pistol progressions:

Metcon: 18 min AMRAP

25 Air Squats

5 Rope Climbs

200m run

20 Goblet squats (52/35)

10 Bar muscle ups

200m run

15 pistols


200m run

Intent: today is a gymnastics skill challenge. For those experienced athletes who have all these movements it will be a good test. Push the run just slightly but try to maintain unbroken for fast sets on the gymnastics. For athletes without all these skills encourage them to pick one to focus on, scaling the others heavily to spend a lot of time on the one movement. Eg if you have some HSPU, no bar muscle ups, and really wants to work on rope climbs scale the HSPU and bar muscle ups to something that is fast and unbroken so you can get back to the rope quickly.

Strength: Front Squat (12 min)

4×8 @ 60, 65, 70, 75%

Intent: off cycle weightlifting is meant to be light and relatively easy just to maintain strength in these movements. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to work up to 60% and then take roughly 2 minutes between sets.

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