Friday, August 16: Daine Test Day


Friday, August 16: Daine Test Day

Strength: Accessory (12 min)

4 Super sets

Upright row x8

Good morning x8

Rest 60 seconds between sets

The weights should be at a load that can be performed at 12 reps. Emphasize the lat squeeze in the upright row and the hamstring stretch in the good morning.

Metcon Specific Warm-up (10 min)

Focus on: kipping HSPU and scale, dedicated time to progress to deadlift weight (25+ reps), review strategies

Metcon: Benchmark-Diane (12 min cap)


-Deadlifts (225/155, 185/135, 135/95)

-HSPU (HSPU, 1 ab mat, decline push-up)

Intent: We are testing a benchmark this benchmark at the beginning of the cycle and will retest at the end to measure improvement. Deadlifts should be at a weight were 10 unbroken reps isn’t scary. Break HSPU into manageable sets (think less than 50% of your unbroken max). Be as efficient as possible in kip and save strict press outs for last reps. Avoid bad positions on DL for increased intensity.

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