for his honor


for his honor

Skill: Elbow Position in the HSPU

Strength: Strict HSPU
Every 90 secs x 5 sets
(X) Strict HSPU (up to 15lb plate + Abmat)
-Athletes choose a number they can easily repeat across all 5 sets

:30 HS Hold against wall
Close Grip Pushups
Pike Pushups

Metcon: 2 Min On/2 Min Off x 3 sets
10 DB Shoulder to Overhead (2 DB’S)
Max Cal Row

“After first set… if you get 3+ calories less on your row perform 1 Updown (burpee with no pushup)
after your last round as a cash out”
*Score is Cals accumulated

“ex… I row 20 cals on set one.. and then get 15 and 15 on the next 2.. I perform 10 updowns at the
end as my cash out”

L1: 50/35, 60/48+ Cals completed
L2: 50/35, 50/42 cals completed
L3: 35/25/ 42/36 cals completed
L4: 20/15, 30/24 cals completed

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