Flow Like a Harpoon


Flow Like a Harpoon

Auxilary Core: 2 Rounds 

360 Planks (10-sec in each section) 
0:30 Arch/superman Hold 
0:30 Hollow Rock Hold 

STRENGTH – 3 Rounds for Quality (RFQ): 

10 Back Squats (Select weight that allows you to go Unbroken) 
5 “High” Box Jumps 

(Rest as much as possible between sets) 

METCON – Test day!

Test 1: Max Set of unbroken Wall Balls (ALL REPS MUST BE BELOW PARALLEL) 

Test 2: 1-mile Run

Test 3: Max Number of Strict Pull-ups (Unbroken all the way down “Dead Hang”) (scale as needed but make sure you record your scale as a baseline!)

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