feel like letting go


feel like letting go

Skill: Burgener Warm Up

Strength: 1 Rep Max: Snatch
15-20-mins to build up to a 1RM Snatch with good technique

*If You do Power Snatches due to mobility restrictions.. make sure you note it in your diary

Metcon: 2 Rounds…
For Individual Scored Times..(6 min Cap Per Round) (6 Mins rest b/w rounds)
250 Meter Row
10 Burpees
20 Thrusters
10 Burpees
250 Meter Row

A Group Starts @ Minute 0:00-6:00
B Group Starts @ Minute 3:00-9:00
A Group Starts Round 2 @ 12:00-18:00
B Group Starts Round 2 @ Minute 15:00-21:00

L1: 95/65, Bar Facing
L2: 75/55, Lateral
L3: 55/35, Burpees
L4: DB Squats, Burpees 150/100 meters, 7 Burpees,

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